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[x]Friends Only[x]

People can take everything away from you.
But they can never take away your truth.
But the question is, can you handle mine?

That's about it.<3

ps-- I privatise all my old entries, and youse only get to see 2-3 at a time. Sorry, thats just how it is.

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pst. its dee. (authentik__) add me.

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Sorry if not interested.
mamita. its dee {_mindset}. add me, por favor. >;)
of course. ;)
add me? i adde du
added u! add me?
you didn't add me. but add me back.
i added you. add me<3
hey wuz up? I was wonderin if I could be added as a friend. I know ppl don't like adding random people so there's a mini bio about me in my lj.
sorry meant to say also i added you
adddd me !

Deleted comment

adding right nowww. =) i was gonna reply to your last comment in shoptoronto, but i kept forgeting. oops. lol.
hey! i wanted to comment here about your weave -- how much did it cost you? was it hard to keep it looking good? do you have pictures by any chance? and could you wear it up?
the first one... it was $120 plus hair.. second one, was $80, cuz it was curly, plus the hair. They were done at two different salons, though. and i know this will sound bad but like.. don't go to a white salon to get your hair done (i'm mixed, btw), bc really and truly, they WILL over charge you. One salon quoted me $350 for a full head. I laughed and left. cuz at a black salon, its about $80-$130, or so around here. But for a few tracks, they charge per track, and thats usually about $10/track?

It wasn't toooo hard to take care of, cuz it was the first weave i've had, before i only ever had braided extensions. I have some pics on my fb, i do belieeeve. i'll add you and you can see em, if you want

no & yes. first one, i couldnt, cuz of the way she did the braids- you could SO tell it was weave. the 2nd one, the lady did the braids in a circular pattern around my head, and i could wear it up, and nobody would know it was weave. But i saw your hair cut, and you def don't need a full head, probs just a few tracks/partial.

there's the link to my facebook :)

you've seen my haircut, would people at a black salon be able to do a weave/extensions into my hair? would they be willing? i found a black salon when i was searching online but i sort of ruled it out because i figured it was just braiding and stuff...

and how much do you think it would run me? I just want some tracks on the lower part of my scalp, just a few inches longer.
Added :) In my pics, its obvious when i have weave and when i dont lol, cuz my hair is wicked longer. but yeah.

They should be able to... your hair isnt so short that they wouldn't be able to braid at all. cuz what they do when they weave, is cornrow your hair, with a strand of synthetic hair (to help the braid stay better), and then sew the track to it. Some salons online are just as into the whole price rape thing as white salons lol. They're good too, but really and truly, when you find a salon in the 'hood, it's usually the most uh .. cost effective. Just call and ask, and go to a BSS, and buy a pack of hair that best matches your color & texture and whatnot, and that'll run you maaaybe 30 bucks or so? and bring it in with you.
I'm kind of wary of synthetic hair, I feel like it wouldn't really blend with my hair that well. Is it possible for them to order and use human hair?
the synthetic hair is only in the cornrow, so that the braid doesnt slip. the hair on the tracks is human hair, if you choose to buy human hair
that's awesome! do they order it for you? and do you think it would be possible for me to wear my hair up with it in?
its really just easier/cheaper for you to go to a beauty supply store, and buy a pack of hair, and bring it with you.

if you want to be able to wear it up, just tell them so when they're doing your hair so they can braid it so that the tracks dont show
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